Our Parent/Teacher Advisory Board (PTAB) helps organize school events, suggest new school activities, and raises funds for special school projects and local charities. We had several dedicated parents who attended our monthly meetings, but we will need new people to help this year. All parents are welcome to join! 

This year was a busy year for Dolly's PTAB. They scheduled several events throughout the year:

Family Day at Sauchuck Farm.

Dolly's Football Night for Dad's - The Patriots vs. the Steelers.

Parents Night Out at Mezzo Mare Restaurant.

Bowling at Country Club Lanes.

The PTAB sponsored two visits from Mama Steph.

Three PTAB Movie Days at thePatriot Cinema at the Hingham Shipyard.

PTAB Day at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence RI.

Parents Night Out at The Range Restaurant.

PTAB Family Day at Edaville Railroad.