Dolly's Nursery School
1961 - 2018. 

September 1961 - Dolly's Nursery School is opened by Grace M. Witt (her nickname was "Dolly"). The licensed capacity was 15 preschool children. 

September 1972 - Dolly's builds an addition and increases its capacity to 24 preschool children. 

July 1, 1978 - Kevin Battista (current owner/director) purchases Dolly's Nursery School. 

September 1980 - The Music Room is added to bring the licensed capacity to 30 preschool children. 

September 1981 - Our playground has two new slides. A straight tube slide and a spiral tube slide are purchased and installed. 

June 1993 - Dolly's has always held a summer program, but offically names the program a Summer Day Camp. Swim classes (held at a local pool), field trips, and special guests are all incorporated into the weekly program. In 1995 we install a pool on site and expand our play area. 

September 1999 - We've just expanded our center again. Although we are not increasing our licensed capacity, we have increased the size of our Music Room by 250%. We have a state of the art stereo system with in-the-wall speakers. The newly constructed room opened September 13th. Special thanks to Michael Handrahan Remodeling for completing the project on time! 

On May 17, 2000- Dolly's Nursery School earns accreditation from the NAEYC. This voluntary process requires an intense year long commitment of administrators, teaching staff, and families to meet national standards of excellence. This certificate is valid through April, 2005. 

June 2000 - Dolly's installs a heater in the swimming pool. This permits swimming to be enjoyable on cold or even rainy days. 

May 17, 2001 - Dolly's opens another new slide unit (donated to us by Burger King in Weymouth) and we've remodeled our entire play area. We have expanded our sand play area, removed a boulder from the play area and replaced it with our space ship enclosed with a circular fence, and we've added a canopy over three picnic tables. 

May 2002 - Dolly's adds four new computers for the the children to use. This brings the total number of computers in the Big Room to seven. 

September 2004 - We demolish and rebuild the entrance and outer area of our Big Room. We install new walls, heating, lighting, windows, carpet and electrical service. We also add a new Dell Computer and hook up to the town sewer system. Everything is finished in three weeks and we open on time on September 13th. Special thanks (Again!) to Michael Handrahan Remodeling for completing the project on time! 

Spring of 2005 - We rebuild and expand our entrance and stairs to the school. We have a new wider, stone walkway and steps that are seven feet wide. We have new beautiful aluminum railings installed on the stairs. Special thanks to CMI Marine railings of Weymouth.

Spring 2006 - We install three new computers to upgrade and replace our older units!
Summer 2006 - We install four new flat panel 17 inch monitors and build a new sailboat play unit on the playground. 

Spring 2007 - We asphalt our parking lot! Special thanks to Pilgrim Paving for completing the project on time! 

Spring 2008 - We install new fencing and stairs on our playground. We also add new carpeting to the Big Room. 

Fall 2008 - We remove the florescent light units and install recessed lights in the Big Room. We also rebuild and re-surface the platform under the water table and water fountain. 

July 2010 - We have installed a 46 inch Toshiba flat screen monitor in our Big Room!
The PTAB has funded an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) which is now located in the Big Room. 

November 2011 - We rebuild our steps to our office and install new aluminum railings. Special thanks to Joe Truglia and CMI Marine railings for finishing the construction in two weeks. 

September 2012 - We have re-surfaced our main playground area with artificial turf. This new surface has 4 inches of padding and is extremely safe and comfortable for our children. Special thanks to Foreverlawn of Massachusetts for doing a great job.
We have also resurfaced our area that holds our picnic tables. Special thanks to Ralph Schirmer of Schirmer Excavating of Hingham for removing 15 yards of sand and spreading certified child safe wood chips in its place. The area looks fantastic.
We have also replaced the wooden fence by the riding patio with chain link fence and replaced the netting behind the basketball pole. 

October 2012 - We have resurfaced the base of our sailboat area with blue Foreverlawn turf. The sailboat looks like its afloat in the ocean! 

August 2013 - We build two bathrooms at our deck next to our pool for Camp. They are enclosed in two 10 X 10 foot sheds. Special thanks to Michael Handrahan Remodeling for doing a fantastic job in less than two weeks! 

June 2015 - We install and 20 X 12 ft. canopy over the deck by the pool. We also install a freezer on the deck so the campers can have an ice cream after they swim.

September 2016 - We install a new 22kw generator that will automatically keep Dolly's powered in the event of a power outage for up to a week. Special thanks to William Nickerson Electric and Pilgrim Propane  for doing a great installation job.